Western Organizing Workshop
Neal Morgan, Coaching Director


As we increase our individual and team effectiveness in the field, small victories build to big victories. Our teams become more connected, friendships deepen, joy in our shared work spreads, motivation + good work becomes power, and each step of improvement brings us closer to winning.

Experience has shown us the real, on-the-ground benefits of linking up with a supportive coach to talk shop, learn from one another and come away with creative ideas, new skills, and renewed energy. WOW is offering Remote Coaching for individuals, and Coaching House Parties and Train the Trainers sessions for groups.

Sometimes the best help is just a phone call away. WOW Coaching Director Neal Morgan will provide ongoing no-fee support for 20 leaders around the state via weekly or biweekly one-on-one or group coaching calls. Given Neal’s background, he will have a particular focus on campus organizers and those relatively new to field. He’ll lend a supportive ear and provide strategic and tactical guidance when asked. He’ll be a source of encouragement and an advocate for sustainability and self care in the demanding months ahead. Neal is already working with several leaders around CA, helping organizers with everything from clarifying priorities and identifying goals to editing walk and call scripts to honing volunteer recruitment messaging.

We strive to do our best work and make the greatest impact with our given time and energy. This is always a work-in-progress! No matter where you are on your path, we will focus on your unique needs, opportunities, and goals. We’ll help your group pick up, incorporate, and improve upon field-proven best practices that will enable you to leave it all on the field in November. Held in an office or living room near you, these visits are designed to be light lifts for leaders. Ideally Neal will join a meeting already on the calendar, and there is no fee, though leaders may be asked to pass a hat to help cover travel expenses and provide supporter housing. This kind of programming should help with recruitment and retention. Think: 15 members of a neighborhood group in a living room working on having more productive conversations at the next canvass.

Coaching House Party areas of focus may include:
*  Leadership development
*  Building diverse, inclusive and sustainable teams
*  Planning your work through the phases of the election cycle
*  Voter registration tactics and programming
*  Volunteer recruitment and retention
*  Volunteer-centric orientation for field success
*  Campus organizing / Youth Vote
*  Best practices for planning and managing voter contact events
*  Conversations in the field - listening, connecting with stories, persuasion
*  Phonebanking and canvassing for ID, persuasion, and GOTV
*  Creativity and continuous improvement in all aspects of field
*  Self-care, sustainability for the cycle (incl. social media, news, polling)

Want better results in the field? Want more dedicated, motivated volunteers? Want to develop leaders? Improve how you train. Iffy training is the most common - and most limiting - failure of field programs. Fortunately, with the right approach, it is also the most avoidable. These sessions are designed to help those in or growing into leadership roles incorporate field-proven best practices and an orientation to continuous improvement. You’ll better prepare teammates for successful conversations with voters and volunteer prospects and strengthen your  teams along the way. Think: 90-minute session for phonebank leads in a district. Train the Trainers sessions may carry a sliding scale fee to help cover costs, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Train the Trainers session topics may include:
* Phonebanking: training for effective calls and running successful phonebanks
* Voter Registration: recruiting for and making the most of voter registration shifts
* Canvassing conversations: training canvassers to make the most of each contact
* Creativity, empowerment, results: your orientation to training; who you are in support



Neal Morgan (from red district CA1) was Obama for America's Youth Vote Field Organizer in Northern Nevada for the 2008 general election, and with his team of 75 volunteers and interns at the University of Nevada, Reno registered 3000 voters in ten weeks and beat the campaign's campus voter turnout goal by 20%. He designed and ran two community advocacy projects; has recruited and trained hundreds of volunteers, spoken with thousands of voters in battleground states; and has been a coach for college organizers with OFA. As a coach and trainer of electoral field organizers and volunteers, Neal shares a boundless passion for field, expounding a volunteer-centric orientation focused on continuous improvement, friendship, and creativity. He has an infectious conviction about the value and deep benefits of volunteering for and running effective field programs - - for the self, for communities, for neighbors near and far, and for winning close elections.

Western Organizing Workshop collaborates with grassroots coalitions, as well as grassroots focused campaigns, to develop large workshops and small coaching house parties, tailored to the community’s specific needs and challenges. No two events are the same. As organizers our job is to listen to the communities we seek to serve. In this unprecedented moment, the needs of the grassroots are wide and diverse, and none are well-served by a one-size-fits all approach to training. And though we carry with us considerable collective experience, and an extensive network of experts, we believe communities have the solutions they seek with in them. Our focus is on facilitating safe and creative environments, and fostering the trust and communication necessary to solve problems and make plans that build power. We are focused currently on supporting electoral field work of activists, groups, and communities seeking to expand and turn out the progressive vote to win key congressional races in California in 2018.